Mini Ceramic Cold Air Hair straightener

min flat iron

Mini Ceramic Cold Air Hair straightener

The reason why this mini ceramic flat iron is very popular among consumers, I think, is that it is smaller and sleeker enough to handle the flat iron while styling hair. This mini flat iron has all the benefits of our regular hair straighteners, like auto turn-off, same temperature degree, ceramic coating, etc. It means that they have the same functions as normal size iron but handle the product better. Its disadvantage, obviously, is that not be perfect for individuals with incredibly long and thick hair.

1/2″ Mini size hair straightening iron

Consider this: The hair roots are close to the scalp, and the lack of fluffy shape makes your hair look like sporadic. Or awaken in the morning and realise that the docile short hair and bangs have already been flyaway, and the random curls make you look very careless. When you need to use a flat iron to smooth frizz or curly roots imminently, and you find the plate is too wide to operate short hairs.
Mini size 1/2″ flat iron made by Olayer hair straightener company is wonderful solution for solving these uncomfortable problems. It is undoubtedly a good styling tools for short hair, bangs, or to fix flyaways in a pinch.

Adjustable temperature setting on the ceramic flat iron

An easy temperature control knob allows for accurate temperature control that is correct for your hair. The adjustable temperature setting of 210 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit, it is suitable for mostly all kinds of hair, giving more choices of hair style.
Take a word of advice, don’t use a high-temperature straightening iron on your hair for a very long time in pursuit of efficiency anymore. The temperature should accommodate your hair type. Thin, damaged hair should not be styled with a high temperature, which may generate heat damage making your hair health condition worse. And coarse, thick or curly hair demands higher temperatures to get a lasting set effect.

Ceramic coating plates on the flat irons

The mini ceramic cold air flat irons from Olayer China hair straightener manufacturer with ceramic coated heaters, which contribute to spread heat evenly throughout the aluminum alloy heating plates. This avoids overheating spots are being created during the styling process to damage the keratin in your hair. Meanwhile, you can no more fret about hair being torn off while styling. Ceramic material helps the hair glides through heating plate without pulling and tugging, reducing breakage and damage to the hair.

Good travel flat irons styling tool

This has dual voltage can be used worldwide. When you are traveling in different countries, you no longer need to worry about voltage, which can automatically adjusted to the voltage wherever you plug in.
This mini ceramic hair straightener is the best ceramic flat iron which is easy to carry, suitable for every one travel enthusiast. This particular flat iron is 6-inches long (the size of an adult’s hand), absolutely a travel size. It must be a wise solution if you wish to save more space in your bag.