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Die casting alloy  

die casting the alloy is mainly nonferrous alloys, as black metal ( steel, iron ) as the mold materials, being less frequently used. And non-ferrous alloy dies casting with aluminum die casting alloy is used widely, the zinc alloy. To briefly introduce the situation of die casting non-ferrous metals.

( 1), die casting non-ferrous alloy classification hindered contraction of mixed shrinkage free shrinkage of lead alloy – the 0.2-0.3% 0.3-0.4% 0.4-0.5% of low melting point alloy tin alloy zinc alloy — 0.3-0.4% 0.4-0.6% 0.6-0.8% — 0.3-0.5% 0.5-0.7% 0.7-0.9% aluminum silicon casting non-ferrous alloy aluminum alloy alcu aluminium-magnesium system – 0.5-0.7% 0.7-0.9% 0.9-1.1% high melting point alloy aluminum zinc magnesium alloy – 0.5-0.7% 0.7-0.9% 0.9-1.1% copper alloy

( 2 ), all types of die casting alloy casting temperature recommended species average wall thickness less than 3mm casting average wall thickness > 3mm has the advantages of the simple structure of complex structure has the advantages of the simple structure of the complex structure

aluminum die casting
aluminum die casting

Aluminium Die Casting alloy aluminum-silicon 610-650 C 640-680 C 600-620 C 610-650 C

Alcu 630-660 C 660-700 C 600-640 C 630-660 C

Aluminum magnesium series 640-680 C 660-700 C 640-670 C 650-690 C

Aluminum zinc series 590-620 C 620-660 C 580-620 C 600-650 C

Zinc alloy 420-440 C 430-450 C 400-420 C 420-440 C

Magnesium alloy 640-680 C 660-700 C 640-670 C 650-690 C

Copper alloy brass 910-930 C 940-980 C 900-930 C 900-950 C

Silicon brass 900-920 C 930-970 C 910-940 C 910-940 C

* Note: the casting temperature to heat furnace temperature measurement of liquid metal.

The zinc alloy casting temperature can not be higher than 450 centigrade, in order to avoid coarse grain.